About us

We are a web agency based in Geneva and Zurich. We offer simple and effective solutions for a wide range of web projects with a global strategic vision. We are specialized in the development of no-code solutions like Webflow and Framer, but can also carry out classic web projects on WordPress, Craft CMS or Drupal.


Why ultraperfekt?

After more than 5 years of working together, Thomas and Mathieu have finally found what they really want to do: Build and deliver websites in an easy and enjoyable way. As early adopters, they quickly understood that Webflow and Framer have the potential to revolutionize the website creation industry.

"We have been working with Webflow and Framer since they appeared on the market. We've done over 50 projects, simple and complex, and can be proud to call ourselves "Webflow and Framer experts."

At the same time, we don't just focus on the website. Thanks to our experience in marketing and branding agencies, we are also able to think strategically and look at your company as a whole.

Designer & Co-Founder

Mathieu Cailleaud

When it comes to UX design, Mathieu knows no limits. He delivers a pixel-perfect, perfect design, paving the way for your website. With over 15 years of experience in UX and UI design, Mathieu has gained experience with various clients from different industries. He is able to translate any brief into a powerful and engaging website.

Mathieu Cailleaud, expert Webflow, Framer et Wordpress pour la création de site internet à Genève en Suisse

Strategist & Co-Founder

Thomas Kendlinger

With more than ten years of experience, Thomas has gained expertise in developing and implementing communication and marketing strategies for a wide range of clients, including FMCG brands, small and medium-sized enterprises, political parties and associations. He is specialized in UX and business strategies as well as brand positioning and brand strategy.

Thomas Kendlinger, expert Webflow, Framer et Wordpress pour la création de site internet à Genève en Suisse

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To guarantee a perfectly tailored response to your specific web design requirements, we invite you to contact us for a personalized proposal.