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Website migration in Geneva
Migration et transfert de site internet

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and with it the platforms and tools companies use to establish their online presence. If you're considering moving from one website platform to another, ultraperfekt is equipped to make this transition seamless, effective and efficient. Experience a smooth migration to platforms such as Webflow, Framer, Craft CMS or WordPress, and unleash new potential for your digital space.

Understanding migration and its importance

Migration involves transferring the content, design and functionality of a website from one platform to another. This transfer is often motivated by the need for greater flexibility, scalability and user experience.

Platforms we manage

WordPress to Webflow or Framer

Benefit from the design flexibility and interactive potential of Webflow and Framer.

Squarespace to Webflow or Framer

Move from template-based design to personalized visual experiences.

Wix or EditorX to Webflow or Framer

Improve the performance and aesthetics of your site by moving from the limits of Wix to the scope of Webflow and Framer.

Other Platforms to Webflow or Framer

Whatever your starting point, we can migrate you to Webflow or Framer for an enhanced web experience.

Shopify to Webflow or Framer

Enhance your online store with a more flexible and powerful platform.

Webflow or Framer to WordPress

Sometimes, you still need something bigger. Switch to the world's most popular CMS, combining elegant design with powerful back-end capabilities.

Platforms and benefits of website migration in Geneva

Our migration process

Assessment & planning

Understand the current structure, content and functionality of your website.

Data & design transfer

Migrate your content and adapt your design to the new platform, ensuring consistency.

Features & integration

Implementation and testing of all functionalities, to ensure a seamless user experience.

Preserving your SEO ranking

Make sure your SEO ranking remains intact during the migration.

Review & testing

Thorough quality control to ensure that every aspect of the site works perfectly.


Your migrated site goes online, more powerful than ever.


Start your ultraperfekt migration.

Improve your online presence by migrating to a platform that better matches your goals and expectations. With ultraperfekt, you'll achieve this smoothly and efficiently.


Frequently asked questions

Will my site's SEO be affected by the migration?

We use best practices to ensure SEO preservation. Our aim is to minimize any potential impact on your rankings, ensuring that redirects are set up correctly and metadata remains intact.

How long does the migration process take?

Timescales vary according to the complexity of your site and the functionalities involved. In general, migrations can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Can the custom features of my old site be reproduced on the new platform?

Absolutely. We strive to replicate or enhance all the custom features of your original site, using the capabilities of the new platform.

Will there be any downtime during the migration?

We strive to keep downtime to a minimum. Any downtime required is scheduled during off-peak hours to minimize disruption.

Do I need to provide anything for the migration process?

Typically, we'll need access to your current site backend, all digital assets and relevant credentials. Our team will coordinate with you to gather the necessary resources.

Will the design of my site change after migration?

While the basic design remains consistent, there may be subtle changes due to the platform's capabilities. Our aim is to maintain your brand identity while taking advantage of the new platform's functionalities.

What about the content of my website during migration?

Your content will be systematically transferred. We ensure that all texts, images and other media are correctly reflected on the new platform.

How do you manage potential data loss during migration?

We carry out meticulous backups before starting the migration process, ensuring data security and rapid recovery should the need arise.

Can I opt for additional features during the migration?

Of course you can! Migration is an excellent time to consider adding new features or functionality. Tell us about your needs and we'll integrate them.

What happens if I encounter problems after migration?

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the migration process. We offer post-migration support to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Will my site remain mobile-friendly after migration?

Absolutely. Ensuring mobile responsiveness is a top priority. Your migrated site will deliver a seamless experience across all device types.

How will you manage forms and other interactive website elements during the migration?

Interactive elements such as forms will be meticulously recreated on the new platform, ensuring that they work as intended and integrate with any necessary back-end systems or messaging services.

Migration prices

Our prices are transparent and flexible. Whether you're a startup or an established company, we have a package to suit your needs. All our projects are supervised by a Senior Project Manager and Senior Webdesigner.

Starting from

CHF 2'250 excl. VAT

Landing Page / One Pager

For your campaigns or your smaller projects

— Webflow
— 6 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— Go live

Starting from

CHF 5'450 excl. VAT

Basic website

For your online presence

— Figma
— Webflow
— 12 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— 1 hour training
— Go live

Starting from

CHF 12'650 excl. VAT

Complex website

For your more ambitious projects

— Figma
— Webflow
— 12 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— 1h training
— Go live

Also included:
— Multilingual
— CMS / Blog
— Technical recommendation