UX and Web consulting

UX and web consulting to get your website on the right track.

Website and UX consulting in Switzerland
Website UX and web consulting

Web projects are always exhausting. Whether it's a large or small website, a lot of resources need to be expended to get the site to go live. Whether you are just about to plan a new website or you are already in the middle of it. We provide assistance in formulating your brief for the web agency or review your current plans for the new structure. ultraperfekt has more than a decade of experience in creating user-friendly websites that convert.

Demystify website creation

There are still many myths surrounding website creation. This is mainly due to the fact that there has never been proper onboarding by agencies, and thus clients don't feel picked up either, as they don't see what's going on behind the scenes. That's exactly what ultraperfekt is here for. We advise you on the way to your new website and give you tips on how to find your way through the website jungle and what to look out for.

Concrete steps how we can help you

Website briefing

Helping you formulating your goals and needs for your new website so you can properly brief your web agency.

Technical advise

Giving you technical advise of what you should take into consideration when creating your new website or relaunch your old one.

UX design

You already have received a wireframe or some other assets from your agency? With a fresh pair of eyes, we are delighted to give you a second opinion.

Strucutre / INformation Architecture

We look at the website structure and give tips and tricks on how you can improve it if necessary.

Design & Responsiveness

You have already received a design proposal, but are unsure whether it is good? We review the design and see if it is suitable for mobile devices.

Hosting & Domain

We review your technical infrastructure and give you tips where there's potential of improvement.

Areas of UX and web consulting

Our ultraperfekt consulting process

Online call or meeting

We jump in a call or a real-life meeting with you to get to know you and hear your thoughts. Yes, the first 15 minutes are for free.

Material collection

You send us your material and we get right into review mode.

Report generation

We create an exhaustive report with recommendations and opinions.

Report presentation

We present you our report in an online call or physical meeting.

Your feedback

You give us your feedback and we adapt the report accordingly. Or you might love us so much that you want to do your new website directly with us.


Why choose ultraperfekt?

With 12 years' experience, a lot of passion, a portfolio of satisfied customers and a passion for pushing the boundaries of design, ultraperfekt is your partner everything web related.


Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

The first 15 minutes call is absolutely free of charge. You decide whether you want us to dive deeper in your project or not.

How will the report look like?

There is no «one size fits it all». We are adapting the report and the slides as you need it, so you're able to present it to your superiors.

My project starts soon. How long does the review take?

This depends on the complexity and the angles we shall analyze. Roughly, you can estimate with one to two weeks.

I cannot find the use case in your list above. What shall I do?

The list above is not exhaustive. We can adapt on anything you want us to analyze.


Our prices are transparent and flexible. We have a package to suit your needs.

FIXed Price


Introduction call of 15 minutes

We jump in a call and you tell us your problem. Maybe we already find a solution.

Fixed Price

CHF 450


Based on your briefing, we analyze the points that are important to you and collect everything in a report.

— Briefing
— User experience
— Structure
— Design & responsiveness
— Technical aspects
— Domain & Hosting


CHF 890

Analysis & recommendations

In addition to the pure analysis and report, we provide you with a guide containing the most important recommendations.

— Briefing
— User experience
— Structure
— Design & responsiveness
— Technical aspects
— Domain & Hosting