Webflow for Start-ups

Webflow agency, design & development for start-ups

Webflow agency for start-ups
Webflow website design and development for Startups

Start-ups embody innovation, agility, and potential, factors that demand a digital presence that mirrors these dynamic attributes. Ultraperfekt recognizes the spirit of start-ups and delivers Webflow solutions, intricately designed to elevate your innovative ventures, ensuring your digital footprint is as groundbreaking and impactful as your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Nurturing Digital Seeds of Innovation

Embark on a digital journey where your innovative start-up and our Webflow expertise converge to create a digital presence that’s as dynamic, impactful, and forward-thinking as your entrepreneurial ventures. Ultraperfekt is here to weave your digital narrative, ensuring every pixel, every page propels your start-up towards sustained success and visibility. Let’s innovate together, sculpting a digital future where your start-up shines brilliantly.

Unleashing Potential with Webflow

Webflow emerges as a pivotal tool for start-ups, offering adaptability, swift website deployments, striking visual designs, and the capability to make updates without comprehensive technical know-how, aligning seamlessly with the dynamism and pace of emerging businesses. Ultraperfekt capitalizes on these capabilities, meticulously curating digital environments that authentically embody and bolster your start-up's forward momentum. In crafting these digital spaces, we ensure your innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit are vividly portrayed, resonating powerfully within the digital sphere and with your target audience.

Webflow Solutions Tailored for Start-Up

Landing Pages

Craft striking landing pages that captivate and convert your visitors.

Product Showcases

Visually compelling spaces to highlight your innovative products or services.

User Engagement Platforms

Interactive forums or blogs to build and nurture a community around your brand.

Support and Knowledge Bases

Efficient, accessible platforms for customer support and information.

Digital Business card

Create an interactive, visually appealing online business card of your company. For your pitch or beyond.

Types of Webflow websites for start-ups

The ultraperfekt Blueprint to Your Webflow Website

Discovery & Strategy

Understand your start-up's vision, products and market in order to develop a strategic web plan.

Design & Mock-ups

We create designs as innovative and agile as your start-up to captivate users.

Webflow development

We use the possibilities offered by Webflow for fast, reliable and impressive website development.

Quality assurance

We ensure that the site shines on all devices, whether viewed on mobile or desktop.

Launch & Support

Go live and guaranteed constant performance and  support.


Why choose ultraperfekt and Webflow for your start-up?

With 12 years' experience, a portfolio of satisfied customers and a passion for pushing the boundaries of design, ultraperfekt is your Webflow partner. We build customized Webflow designs, tailored to the start-up market.


Frequently asked questions

How does Webflow accelerate our start-up’s market entry?

With rapid deployment and visually engaging designs, Webflow ensures your start-up makes a stunning, timely digital entrance.

Can we manage the website internally post-launch?

Absolutely! Webflow allows intuitive management and updates, empowering your team to maintain the website with ease.

How does Ultraperfekt ensure our website stands out in the crowded digital space?

We intertwine your unique brand narrative, visual elements, and Webflow’s dynamic features to create a standout digital presence.

Is Webflow budget-friendly for our start-up?

Yes! Webflow offers cost-effective solutions and, with Ultraperfekt, you gain a site that’s efficient yet doesn’t compromise on quality.

Can our website grow seamlessly as our start-up expands?

Undoubtedly! Webflow’s scalability ensures your website can expand and adapt in alignment with your start-up’s growth.

Prices for Webflow

Our prices are transparent and flexible. We have a package to suit your needs. All our projects are supervised by a Senior Project Manager and Senior Webdesigner.

Starting from

CHF 2'250 excl. VAT

Landing Page / One Pager

For your campaigns or your smaller projects

— Webflow
— 6 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— Go live

Starting from

CHF 5'450 excl. VAT

Basic website

For your online presence

— Figma
— Webflow
— 12 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— 1 hour training
— Go live

Starting from

CHF 12'650 excl. VAT

Complex website

For your more ambitious projects

— Figma
— Webflow
— 12 standard modules
— Micro-Interactions
— Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
— 1h training
— Go live

Also included:
— Multilingual
— CMS / Blog
— Technical recommendation